Nashville, please sign my petition this week

Nashville, you may know me as an idiot you see at local comedy shows, or an idiot you see running around with cute dogs chasing pokemon, or an idiot you sometimes see posting ridiculous things on this group page, but did you know I’m also an idiot who is running for Governor of Tennessee?

In a nutshell, I’m FOR: #MedicareForAll #LegalizeMarijuana #FiberOpticPublicUtilityInternet #7DaysAWeekAlcoholSales #BlackLivesMatter #MeToo #MarchForOurLives, LGBT+ rights and protection and other things that make sense. I’m AGAINST: #PrivatizedPrisons #MoneyInPolitics, hate, racism, sexism, Trumpy.

Chad Riden for TN Governor for / against infographic #RiDEN4TN

I’m a snowballs chance in hell candidate. The media treats me like a joke, because comedians are silly clowns who’ve never made legitimate points about our culture and society wrapped in humor oh and also I’m not spending hundreds of thousands of dollars buying advertising from them, but I think if I can push the conversation in a progressive, positive direction for the next few months I will consider that a victory in itself.

Folks (that’s a word you have to use a lot when you run for office so you sound relatable), FOLKS, I would like to ask for your help. I have enough signatures to qualify to be on the ballot but I want more as a safety net. In Tennessee, if you haven’t voted in the last two elections, you’re not considered a ‘registered voter’ and your signature is not valid for this purpose. Many people enthusiastically sign my sheets, thinking they’re helping but their signature may not count and there’s no way of knowing that until the election commission ultimately arbitrarily decides whose voices to ignore. So I want to get way more signatures than necessary.

If you have read this far, I would love to have your signature on my petition. I’m in town all this week. You can come see me at Bobby’s Idle Hour tonight at 7 on Music Row, and at The East Room tuesday at 8:30 and maybe other places, or you can message me on FB or text me at 615-829-6187 and I will come to you. Thank you for your support and whatnot. I love you.

here’s my propaganda-spewing FB group:

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